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Inscape Data: Pioneers In Outdoor Poe Switches

Top 10 Wi-Fi Solutions Companies - 2022

In today’s remote-first climate, Wi-Fi is gaining ground with widespread adoption and deployment across every industry. The increased utility of wireless-enabled devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and demand for bring-your-own-device models are pushing companies to innovate Wi-Fi solutions that reduce network wiring costs and improve uninterrupted workflow and mobility.

Mindful of these forward-looking developments, the global Wi-Fi market is forecasted to be worth $54.53 billion in 2027, as per the latest market analysis reports. The reports identify the market to witness a growth spike at a CAGR of 13.7 percent during the forecast period. The escalating demand for Wi-Fi solutions is predominantly due to the increasing need for responsive, effective, and quality wireless network connectivity. Another major growth-inducing factor is that businesses are streamlining multiple operations to ensure rapid and responsive development while seamlessly keeping track of the network.

On that note, this edition of Enterprise Networking Magazine brings the spotlight on the key technological advancements in the Wi-Fi solution space and how companies are developing cost-effective and convenient Wi- Fi network connectivity. The edition features thought leadership articles from Kymberly Traylor, Director of Network & Telecommunications at JEA, who sheds light on grid modernization in telecom systems using wireless solutions. It also features invaluable insights from Vijay Nagarajan, Vice President of Marketing, Wireless Communications and Connectivity Division at Broadcom, who talks about how Wi-Fi is emerging as a modern-day elixir and the significance of Wi-Fi 6 product development.

Along with these critical insights from industry experts, the edition features Inscape Data, a promising Wi-Fi solution provider that develops All-in-One-Box LinkPower, the robust and durable outdoor managed and unmanaged Gigabit PoE switch solution to withstand constant exposure to adverse weather conditions.

We hope this edition shows you the path to finding an appropriate Wi-Fi solution provider to assist you with the industry-best approaches to develop responsive, effective, and quality wireless network solutions in establishing smart network connectivity.

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    Top Wi-Fi Solutions Companies

  • Inscape Data is a U.S.-based manufacturer of total PoE and fiber optic solutions, specifically outdoor PoE injector and switch solutions, All-in-One-Box outdoor gigabit PoE (Power over Ethernet) injectors, switches, commercial PoE switches, fiber optic switches, and commercial PoE injectors, splitters, and extenders

  • Blue Stream Fiber delivers enterprise-level WiFi coverage with unmatched speed and reliability to almost 100,000 homes and over 250 communities. Blue Stream Fiber has been in business for over 40 years, servicing Florida with best-in-class internet, TV, and phone products.

  • Reed Dynamic is a full-service eCommerce web development and IT Services shop in Michigan. They are dedicated to finding the best software solutions with creativity by evaluating your business’ needs, and company policies to deliver an easy-to-follow blueprint for the future.

  • Relay2’s one-of-a-kind Wi-Fi access and edge computing platform enables mobile network operators, Wi-Fi carriers, and managed service providers to build horizontal and vertical business applications and services on top of a cloud-managed Wi-Fi network that eliminates latencies and reduces backhaul traffic requirements

  • Aviat Networks

    Aviat Networks

    Aviat Networks strives to provide our customers with robust wireless transport equipment, services, and support, laying the groundwork for an LTE and 5G broadband future. Aviat is trusted by communications service providers and private network operators, including state/ local government, utility, federal government, and defense organizations, for their mission-critical applications

  • Boingo Wireless

    Boingo Wireless

    American corporation Boingo Wireless designs, constructs, and manages wireless networks. Its public and private networks consist of dispersed antenna systems, small cells, macro towers, and more than one million global Wi-Fi hotspots

  • i3 Broadband

    i3 Broadband

    i3 Broadband is a local supplier of fiber-optic internet, HD television, and telephony services. You can rely on i3 Broadband to provide unrivaled value, dependability, and responsiveness because we are local and not situated in another state



    At NETGEAR, they transform ideas into revolutionary networking technologies that connect people, power businesses, and further the human condition

  • Vodanet Systems

    Vodanet Systems

    Vodanet Systems is an industry-leading hardware provider with world-class technical and sales support in direct partnership with key worldwide manufacturers to deliver cutting-edge, next-generation networking solutions that empower our customers to achieve their own competitive advantage

  • Wireless Guardian

    Wireless Guardian

    Wireless Guardian employs Signal Intelligence to identify potential dangers and safeguard the public. Wireless Guardian is the first forward-facing human danger detection system in the world and the most effective investigative security solution for the high-tech environment of today. Wireless Guardian protects clients and facilities by monitoring security threats up to one mile beyond the facility's perimeter